© 2011 Kun-Ying Yang
Project Inspiration Prototype Wireframe Conceptual Design

Digital media design for AR book

Duration: 1 semester
Faculty supervisor: Dr. Kim Smith, School of Information at UT
Course: Digital Media Design
Position: Conceptual Designer

With the growing numbers of e-readers, digital content has gradually replaced conventional paper-based materials. In order to expand e-readers’ readability, I proposed to incorporate image recognition technology to create an augmented book that can generate 3D effects. The interactive 3D content uses image overlay and interactive motion-sensing technology to present the static content in a lifelike and interesting manner. As users flip through books, the 3D objects react in real time and float above the pages creating a holistic learning environment. From now on, dry and stale education will be re-enlivened and help students better realize the goal of learning through play.

What I was responsible for:

  • Lead Conceptual Design
  • Prototyping
  • Competitor Research