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Usability evaluation of an online stock trading company's Knowledge Center web site

Design Showcase: Presentation
Position: User Experience Designer

Scenario: The Knowledge Center on the stock trading company's web site provides customers free on-line investing and trading educational materials. Now the company expects to find out if this is the most effective way to provide educational information to users and how I could do to determine this.
Solution: I tackled this problem by conducting a usability evaluation. The evaluation started with my personal heuristic evaluation. It was the way for me to determine where the problems are and to define testing objectives. I selected test subjects according to my initial research. After rounds of testing, the generated results pointed to 15 problems that impede users finding information on this web site. I suggested the top 5 priorities for improvement according to the combination of severities and difficulty of implementation.

What I was responsible for:

  • Lead User Experience Design
  • User Research