© 2011 Kun-Ying Yang
IX Lab web site Persona: User Research Evaluation Design Recommended Improvements for IX Lab web site Additional Research: IX Lab operational suggestions

Usability study of the IX Lab web site

Duration: 1 semester
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Randolph Bias, School of Information at UT
Course: Advanced Usability
Position: User Experience Designer

Since the IX Lab web site was established in 2009, it has been an important intermediary in conveying the existence of the IX Lab and educating people the proper way to conduct usability testing. Even though students have completed many human research studies by referencing information on the site, a well-managed web site should stay up to date with new requirements. Therefore, I researched the performance of actual users interacting with the site and pointed out potential problems and suggested possible modifications. I hope the IX Lab web site can work as a catalyst for promoting user-centered design and serve professionally.

What I was responsible for:

  • Lead User Experience Design
  • User Research